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The following is a list of Talker commands (`spells') together with brief descriptions:

Command Description Minimum level
.? List available Talker commands Novice
.b cmd Execute board command from within Talker Novice
.x Exit Talker Novice
.l person Platonic hug Novice
  Displays the message (user) gives a platonic hug to (person).
.u List users currently on talker Novice
.m channel Move to a different channel Novice
.w person Whisper Novice
  Send a private message to the specified user.
.e action Emote Novice
  Displays the message (user) (action)
.+ person Chainsaw Novice
  Displays the message (user) revs up a chainsaw and cuts (person) into one-inch cubes.
.* person Ravish Novice
  Displays the message (user) throws (person) over a terminal and ravishes them.
.s message Shout Hero/Heroine
  Displays Someone shouts: (message) on all channels.
.c [person] Change name Champion/Valkyrie
  Changes (person)'s name for the duration of this Talker session.
.r message Issue `raw' message Conjuror/Conjuress
  Displays (message), without showing origin.
.i person Toggle invisibility Magician/Adept
  Toggle whether or not (person) shows up on the users list shown by the .u command.
.h [person] Toggle sharp hearing Illusionist/Illusioness
  Enable (person) to hear conversations on other channels.
.k [person] Toggle spell-block Sorceror/Sorceress
  Make (person) immune to spells cast by other users of equal or lesser level.
.~ [person] -bat. spell Wizard/Wizardess
  Make everything person types look like it was written by -bat. (see example).
.z person Summon (person) to current channel Warlock/Witch
.g person Immobilisation Necromancer/Necromancess
  Make (person) unable to leave the current channel.
.p person Temporary promotion Initiate
  Raise (person)'s level to Apprentice, Enchanter, or Necromancer for the duration of this Talker session.
.n person Cancel all spells currently acting on (person). Cleric
.f person Toggle spell-reflection High Priest/High Priestess
  Like spell-block (.k) except that a successfully-blocked spell is reflected back on its caster.
.y person Flintstone spell Incubus/Succubus
  Like the -bat. spell (.~) except that everything (person) types is replaced by one of WILMA!, Yabberdabberdoo!, Hiya Barnie, Get down, Dino!, or Pebbles, don't do that with Bam-Bam!.
.# person Expel (person) from Talker Lesser Demon/Lesser Demoness
.0 Permanently ban user from Talker Lesser Demon/Lesser Demoness
.@ person Toggle super-hearing for (person) Lesser Demon/Lesser Demoness
  Enable (person) to see the origin of raw messages, but not overhear whispers.
.t person Turn (person) into a toad. Demon/Demoness
  Like the -bat. spell (.~) except that everything (person) types is replaced by Rivvit...Rivvit...
.d person Toggle discretion for (person) Demon/Demoness
  Render (person)'s whispers silent even to those with telepathy.
.a person Toggle telepathy Demon Prince/Demon Princess
  Enable (person) to overhear whispers and see the origin of raw messages.

Date: 2003/11/21 15:39:18