[Graffiti, Retreat Lane, 1993]

The following is the list of levels culled from the Jorvick II sourcecode.

Ordinary users

1Novice 7Apprentice 16Initiate
2Warrior/Amazon 8Conjuror/Conjuress 17Acolyte
3Hero/Heroine 9Magician/Adept 18Cleric
4Swordsman/Swordswoman 10Illusionist/Illusioness 19Priest/Priestess
5Champion/Valkyrie 11Enchanter/Enchantress 20High Priest/High Priestess
6Knight 12Sorceror/Sorceress 21Incubus/Succubus

Editors and Demon Princes

22Lesser Demon/Demoness 25Demon Prince/Princess
24Greater Demon/Demoness   

There was definitely a D&D-style rationale to the level titles. Some of the feminine forms were unfortunately not proper words, either - `Necromancess' and `Wizardess', for example.

In addition to the standard level titles, some facility existed for the allocation of customised titles equivalent to one of the standard ones. These may be seen in the list of users

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