The Future

[New building, University of York]

What with one thing and another, I've so far not got round to rewriting and resurrecting Jorvick, although I do have vague and mutable plans to do so at some stage. The current idea is to provide both a classic interactive interface (probably very similar to the original version) with a talker system, and also a more modern web-based-forum-style version.

The Jorvick II archive is a SQLite database together with a small collection of PHP scripts, hosted on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B running Raspbian Linux, hanging off my home ADSL line. It took me roughly a day to get a working system up and running, so putting together a web-based forum system (allowing registration of users, posting, replying, and editing of articles, and so forth) should, in theory, be reasonably simple.

I'm also quite happy to set up an electronic mailing list or two if anyone's interested. Indeed, these could probably be plugged into a future bulletin board/forum system - so that messages sent to the list get posted to the board, and articles posted to the board get bounced to the list.

Suggestions, comments, and (constructive) criticism to nicholas at

Date: 2022/05/25 15:22:41